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Has Evolved

The Present Mothers Community™ is now called "Cycle Breakers Support Group".

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Are you a cycle-breaker? You're invited here with open arms. Formerly The Present Mothers Community, I've pivoted this group for just those parents (dads too), therapists, teachers, and coaches who face the struggle every day to break the negative parenting cycle in their own family, and/or who are helping other families do the same. These cycle-breakers are doing their best every day to create new, more empowering, more conscious ways of being, of treating children, of raising their own children, and/or are helping others do the same.

You’ll find this community to be a place to feel encouraged and supported in your intention to be a more positive parent for your kids, a better teacher/coach/therapist for others, to share your experiences, to ask and answer questions, and to ultimately deepen your and/or others' connection with the present moment, yourself, your child and the rest of the world's children.

Welcome! And thank you to all the moms and dads who are breaking the cycle, and thank you to all the coaches, therapists, and teachers too, who are writing and talking about breaking the cycle and spreading the love.



An expert coach who helps you find, trust, and follow your own expert within.


Inspiration to amplify your natural desire to deepen your connection with your child or adult offspring, while also acknowledging and including your desire to earn income for your family (if you desire), and nurture your other relationships, especially the one with yourself.


Guidance through the behind-the-scenes inner workings of the mind and the parent-child relationship by breaking down complex psychological and spiritual concepts into simple terms and actionable steps that you can implement immediately. More importantly, I guide you back to your inner intuition and guidance, help you trust it, and confidently embody it.


Coaching to help you identify and release the root cause of the biggest challenges you face in your relationships so you and your family can experience more joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction at home and at work. My coaching style is "transformational" because it helps you shift how you see yourself--from stuck/confused/overwhelmed (whatever it is) to amazingly free, joyful, and energized about the future.


Mentoring to help you transform and literally eliminate the limiting beliefs you formed in your own childhood. Together, we alchemize them! We turn them into new beliefs you actually BELIEVE about yourself, your kids, your family, others, your future, your life, your capabilities, all of it. This creates an unequivocal knowing in you about the best thing to say or do in every future challenging situation you experience AND it catapults you to expand your vibrant, authentic self, your love, your joy, and the joy of everyone around you.

Mom and a Child


*  YOUR specific parenting struggles (see below for list of things I'm experienced in solving)

*  Be facilitated through relevant chapters in The Present Mother

*   Enhance your ability to come up with your own sustainable solutions and action plans

*  Get you and your child back on a great path

*  Heal your triggers

*  Truly be more mindfully present next time the same situation arises again

*  Based on 17 years of experience with attachment parenting, parent education, mindful parenting, and self-realization through parenting, covering all of this and more:

- kids not sleeping

- kids playing video games way too much

- kids eating too much sugar

- parents arguing over parenting styles

- parental arguments in front of kids

- in-laws not supporting you

- friends not supporting you

- throwing leggos over the 2nd floor banister (not the parent :)

- kids screaming at the top of their lungs

- parents screaming at the top of their lungs

- kids peeing in the tub for fun

- glitter being flung all through the house

- kids hurting pets

- kids hurting siblings

- food thrown on the floor

- kids bored

- kid yelling

- health problems of parents and kids

- problems with potty training

- kids watching TV too much

- kids on phones too much

- kids not letting parents get any work done

- teens out too late

- teens eating junk food

- teens lying

- kids laying around all day

- learning "disabilities"

- childhood depression

- childhood anxiety

- social isolation of you and the kids

- kids not letting parents be on the phone

- and much, much, more!

$125/one hour session

Teacher and Student


* Completely tailored to your situation

* Individualized attention

* Practical ideas you can start using today

* Based on 16 years of homeschooling experience including self-directed learning, autodidactic learning, life-learning, passion-led learning, child-led learning, customized education and the like

$ 125/one hour session

Working from Home


Your Mom & Dad Employees Need Your Support Now More Than Ever

From practical advice, specific problem-solving, productivity help, or just plain encouragement, your employee productivity, engagement, and morale will soar when your parent employees know how to skillfully balance working with parenting. Schedule a call with me to let me know what problems you want to solve and I'll create a customized, results-oriented program for you and your employees. Prices vary depending on your needs.



*  Brand new solutions for today's recurring parenting problems.

* Learn a practice that enables you to spot your own negative stories, allowing you to quickly and easily shift out of your reactivity and into more connection, joy, and possibility.

*  Create empowering, enduring patterns in your family line, in your career. and in your one. precious. life. as a whole.

*  Be able to quickly release worry, fear, stress or anxiety and turn it into abundance, joy, and inspiration for your better future.

*  Create a deeper and deeper connection with yourself, the present moment, and those you care about the most, while also empowering your kids to be all that they can be.

*  Release guilt or shame about what you may have said or done in the past and learn how to turn it into your greatest contribution to yourself, your family, and the world.

*  Feel empowered and confident when it comes to all of your life choices despite what others may think or say.

*  Experience a freedom you may have never known before that allows you to be fully present, in the flow, and experience all the overflowing abundance in life!



A mother goes from believing her spouse is being inconsiderate to discovering a whole new world where multiple perspectives and multiple solutions exist.


Clients have included Working Parents and Stay at Home Parents of children of all ages, CEO's, Board Presidents, School Founders and Directors, Preschool Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Life Coaches, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Non-Profit Directors, Special Needs Teachers, and Authors.

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Since 2008, I’ve helped groups break through their limiting beliefs. I'd be honored to help your group do the same.


I abide by the gold standard in coaching: The International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics ( )

By scheduling with me, you acknowledge that I am partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal potential, with the intent of improving your relationship with your child, and that I am not a counselor or a doctor. Your participation implies your understanding of this and therefore I am not responsible or liable for any actions you decide to take or not take as a result of your participation. If difficult memories or feelings begin to surface within you, please reach out to a therapist.