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“Catherine Weiss makes the hardest job on earth phenomenally easier with The Present Mother and establishes herself as a world-class Life-Skills Educator.”

- Marlaine Cover, Founder, Parenting 2.0, LinkedIn, Creator, The Life Skills Report Card

"Catherine Weiss speaks with an irresistible voice, breaking complex concepts into practical and actionable ideas that readers can easily absorb and implement. Her writing is filled with wisdom, enriched by her personal experience and her well-grounded knowledge of psychology... A book that every mother should read."

- Ruffina Oserio, Readers' Favorite®

"The difference between The Present Mother and other parenting books is radical: It gives mothers the tool to know what to do in every parenting situation before applying parenting skills learned from other parenting books. Indeed, it takes mothers out of thinking and straight into their own unequivocal knowing. This book of short lessons can either transform someone's life or get them started on transforming it."

- Karen M. Pietruszka, Parenting Communication Skills Specialist, B.A. in Psychology and Child Development, Boulder, CO

“Any parent who reads and practices the insights in this book will not only heal their own wounds from childhood, they will change things for their offspring for all generations to come.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author, The Conscious Parent, Out of Control, and The Awakened Family, featured on the OWN network in Oprah’s Lifeclass and Super Soul Sunday

"Catherine is a thought-leader who has taken this genre, Conscious Parenting, to the next level, and this book will be transformational for all who read it."​

- David Nelson, Literary Agent, and Consultant, Waterside Productions, formerly Executive Editor, acquisition of Body/Mind/Spirit titles, Sterling Ethos, owned by Barnes & Noble, Inc. Among the authors he has worked with are Bill Maher, Terry McMillan, Kelsey Grammer.

"The Present Mother is beautifully written, warm and comforting as it guides us into a spiritual process of seeing the sacredness of the relationship with our children and ourselves. Inspired by her own personal evolution, Catherine Weiss shares moving and sometimes challenging exercises that call us to question the truth of our negative thoughts that are often at the root of our reactions to our children. In her daily exercises, we learn the value of being in the present moment, to accept and learn to love what is.”

- Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, Authors, Attached at the Heart: Eight Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children, Founders of Attachment Parenting International

"Catherine Weiss's book offers real down to earth and practical guidance for taking responsibility for our own feelings as mothers and learning how to transcend and transform our judgments so that we can become more authentic with our children and ourselves."

- Peggy O'Mara, founder of, past publisher, editor and owner of Mothering Magazine, author of four books, featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Mother Earth News, and Utne Reader

"I absolutely loved Catherine's book!"

- Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP; Founder, Wholehearted Parenting, Author, Mothering with Courage

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"I was astounded at the impact The Present Mother had almost instantaneously. I've already gotten more insights into ways to strengthen my relationship than I've been able to formulate in thirty-plus years. Thank you for all the joy and peace you bring to our house! "

- Lea


"Catherine has totally changed my life... She has the most beautiful gracious heart, and a radically paradigm-shifting perspective. This is the work that can transform the world, and help us heal for good, and for the good of all."

"My gratitude for this book is really beyond words... I keep saying the book is the "bridge" I've been missing... between mentally understanding the value of questioning thoughts, etc, and actually being able to change my responses in the moments it matters."

- Shannon


"Working with Catherine Weiss one-on-one is an amazing experience, bringing so much clarity and calm to my parenting and the rest of my life. I feel much more at peace... now"

"The Present Mother... is not filled with tips and pointers, but rather leads me back to my own heart, to what is actually true without all the noise and confusion that I let distract me. I feel so grateful for Catherine, her book, and her work. They are helping me find the gifts of the PRESENT."

- Sarah


"Catherine Weiss is... one of the most phenomenal coaches I’ve been around. I believe she helps you find the DEEPEST thing in your life that would make the biggest impact."

"Thank you, thank you for writing this book and being the powerful Mommy (and SOO much more) that you are. You have forever transformed my relationships with my daughters. I am forever grateful for the love I can now feel with my daughters. I used to be pulled so much into the future, striving to be something more that I thought those thoughts were more important than being there in the moment with my children. I think this happens so much with people, but they aren’t even aware (happens subconsciously). When people can be fully present, it’s where unconditional love lives, and is so needed in this world. "

- Leanna


"The Present Mother’s 40 morning meditations have truly changed the way I live. I find myself thinking of Weiss’ words throughout the day – her wise voice helps guide me to my own intuition... I'm at day 40 and I'm actually sad that I'm almost done. This journey has been so wonderful!"

- Jessica L.


"Catherine Weiss, you are a genius!! Thank you, your replies gave me so much insight ✌️❤️😊 So excited to keep moving along with this!"

- Megan


"There are no words that suffice. My heart swells with gratitude for having found this book. I opened it and began reading, instant tears of relief flushed over me. I have found it. THE book. This will set me free. I will set me free. Therefore my children will be free. Thank you."

- Brittany


"Your book has done so much in my life. It helps me to truly stay present in most situations... such powerful reminders right when I need them."

- Brooke


"My highlighter is smoking. I'm 24 pages in."

- Staci


“This is the best book I ever read…any parent…moms or changer.”

- Noelli


"I started reading today and can't put it down."

- Michelle


"... tears and release, and I see the patterns traveling through generations."

- Carissa


"This isn't the usual parenting book. It doesn't profess to have all the answers on how-to do the work of being a mother, or the business of potty training, disciplining, better eating, sleeping. It's better than that. It doesn't feel preachy or impossible. Kind of like a loving friend who wants to help, Weiss shows us that we have the answers, within, that we are enough to be mothers! I've learned in completing the book that it's usually some stressful thought that leads us to those "other" book, sites, materials. But good parenting isn't born outside of ourselves. It's from within."

- Jessica H.





August 20, 2019

In this podcast episode we talk about what to do when we get triggered by our kids (& our spouse), how to be more present in the midst of a busy life, how to connect more deeply to our authentic Self (and what that even means), healthy ways to deal with anger (our own and our kids) and so, SO much more. Enjoy! ❤️

Interviewed by "A Free Spirit Life" with Shannon Kinney-Düh

Podcast Episode 40

Length 1 hour 07 minutes


July 22, 2019

How to Talk to Kids About Anything

Dr. Robyn Silverman

The podcast covers:

  • How to use self-inquiry and how can it help the parent and the family- especially in those moments when we feel disconnected, guilty, worried or angry about something going on with our children.

  • What we gain from the self-inquiry process that begs us to let go of this need so that we can, indeed, be present and helpful.

  • How to respond to the nagging voice in our heads that we should clean up and make more of an effort in our homes

  • How approval of oneself and self-gratitude can be an important process for all parents

  • How to apologize and reconnect after doing the self-inquiry work.

Length: 53 minutes


Podcast on Wholehearted Parenting Radio

  • Detailed instructions on how to do the self-inquiry process in The Present Mother text

  • Definition of presence

  • Being present with a son playing video games when you'd like him to stop

  • Being present with a daughter making a mess with her food

  • How to free your child from feeling responsible for your feelings (owning your own feelings and reactions)

  • Being a teacher (not doing teaching) of happiness to your child

  • Saying "no" to your child while still staying conected and present

  • Helping your child be the creator of their own happiness

  • Nurturing your child's natural kindness

  • Being grateful for yourself as a mother

  • Tapping into complete compassion for yourself and your child

  • Seeing your triggers in a whole new, empowering way

  • Creating a family culture that supports the development of mindfulness

Episode Title: Who Would you be Without Your (Stressful) Thought(s)?

Interviewed by Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP

40 minute iTunes podcast



Family Focus Blog

by Scarlet Paolicchi

A Mindful Parenting Book: The Present Mother Excerpt and Worksheets

Have you heard about mindful parenting? It is a movement centered around being more calm, present and peaceful with your children and yourself so that you can know how to best parent them. Well, there is a new mindful parenting book out called The Present Mother by Catherine Weiss and it is making a splash. In Amazon’s “Hot New Releases”, it was #2 in the Motherhood category and #5 in Women’s Studies category. The Present Mother guides the reader on a 40-day journey inward to discover and release the root cause of any disconnection she feels with her child. Today, I am excited to share with you an excerpt from The Present Mother along with a couple of mindful parenting worksheets from the book.